Salamieh is located in central Syria, about 32 K.M from Hama city and 45 K.M from Homs city towards the north east. Salamieh is aflate fertilized land surrounded by hills and small mountains that starts from Aleppo in the north to Homs in the south.
Archaeological Sites in Salamieh

There are some findings illustrate that Salamieh is as old as the stone age. Most of the historical areas and buildings were destroyed to be replaced by modern buildings leaving the priceless history buried under the ground.
Among the archaeological sites are:
Shmeimis citadel, the ancient Roman bath- house, Imam Ismael Mosque, Salamieh's old citadel main entrance, Al- Ghazaleh Tel, Al- Mintar, Al-Basitieh, Iserieh, tens of Roman aqueducts, Ain Al- Qasab,water canals, al Khoder,and many sculptures and stone columns, engraved with drawings, words and symbols such as grape leaves and the cross..
History of Salamieh

Salamieh was known at the Assyrian and Babylonian time around 3500 BC. Sumerians dwelled in it around 3000 BC. and It was known by Amorian around 2400 BC. Arameans lived in Salamieh around 1500 BC and then the Nabatean around 500 BC.

Shmeimis Castle during spring time

  Salamieh is the second largest city in the governorate of Hama.
  Salamieh was joined with Afamiah city during the Greek time and it became the     center of knowledge and education.
  It served as the main front between Greeks and Persians armies.
  During the Byzantium time it became the center of the Christian bishopric. Later     it came under the Arabic leader Khaled Ibn Alwaleed and the city architecture     and economy were prospered.
  Before the Islamic conquest, the Persian leader Kisra Ibrawiz attacked the city     and razed it to the ground.

Al-Maghout is a great Syrian writer from the city of Salamieh , who expressed his thoughts bravely through his great plays and poems that touched the hearts of millions worldwide. his deep understanding of the social structure of Arabic society, and the complexity of human behavior and
Mohammad Al Maghout (1934-2006)

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